Aluspray 210ml


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ALUSPRAY – Aluminium Wound Spray – 210ML

Take control of wound healing with Aluspray

Aluspray forms an aluminium powder barrier for wounds and sensitive skin.

The fine mist propelled means Aluspray completely covers the wound and can be applied without damaging the wound tissue.
Aluspray contains a proprietary carrier that helps the protective formula to adhere to the skin, so it stays where its needed.
Aluspray allows the wound to oxygenate (breathe) which is essential for good wound healing.

Aluspray is ideal for horses and other animals kept outdoors
Aluspray can be used as a barrier during risk periods e.g. mud fever and increased sensitivity to sunlight
Aluspray is permitted under FEI and HRA regulations
Aluspray won’t burn or blister sensitive skin

Aluspray is weather resistant
Being waterproof Aluspray is highly suited for application to unhoused animals.

With Aluspray you’re in control
Unlike sprays with colour dye, Aluspray washes off easily with warm soapy water (or water and Hibiscrub) for inspecting the wound or for when the horse is able to compete.

Aluspray forms a protective barrier against moisture, against micro-organisms e.g. bacteria and fungi including Dermatophilus congolensis, the causative agent of Mud Fever. Against dirt, flies and other insects. For teat ends in dry cows only. It should not be used to cover teat injuries in lactating animals producing milk for human consumption. Aluspray shields sensitive skin from diarrhoea. Aluspray is also used post castration and post dehorning.

Aluspray is easy-to-use
The can design means it can be sprayed quietly, upside down and with accuracy to easily reach difficult areas.
There is no antibiotic in Aluspray, thus overcoming any concerns over antibiotic residues in animals intended for food consumption.

Talk to your veterinary surgeon about the use of Aluspray
Veterinary surgeons regularly use Aluspray. They will advise how the wound should be treated including cleaning and disinfecting the wound before applying Aluspray.


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