Inside Out Equine Health Performance Pellets


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Inside Out Equine Health Performance Plus Mineral Pellets contain ALL essential vitamins and minerals required to balance a diet as per NRC requirements.


Performance Plus Mineral Pellets were developed as there just isn’t a great option for horses that don’t like powdered mineral mixes, but are in need of a complete vitamin and mineral mix.


Performance Plus Mineral Pellets don’t contain any added iron and contains balanced levels copper and zinc integral for inside out health.


Performance Plus Mineral Pellets contain a FULL daily dose of biotin and a large dose of vitamin E so is perfect for horses with laminitis.


Performance Plus Mineral Pellets and adequate grass/hay, plus salt can make up the entirety of a horse’s diet so is perfect for a fat horse or pony who doesn’t need any hard feed, but requires minerals and vitamins.


5 kilos of Performance Plus Mineral Pellets will last a large horse 5 weeks ($1.70 per day) and 20 kilos will last over 20 weeks ($1.48 per day).


For small horses the price decreases to around $1.19 (5 kilos) and $1.05 (20 kilos) per day.


Ponies will cost around 60 cents per day and it is likely that Performance Plus Mineral Pellets will be all you need to feed your pony, plus 1.5%-2% of its bodyweight in hay per day.

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