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iO Linseed oil is made from cold pressing of premium raw flaxseeds which allows for maximum levels of Omega 3. Linseed or flax is the only oil seed that contains roughly the same ratio of omega-3 fatty acids (anti inflammatory) to omega-6 fatty acids (pro inflammatory) as grass.

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iO Raw Linseed Oil improves coat, skin and condition, as well as improving energy levels. Can also be useful aid in weight gain.
iO Raw Linseed Oil is also ideal for sealing timber, fences and gazebos and other timber products either internally or externally.

Not suitable for sealed/finished timber surfaces.
As long as the surface bearing the linseed oil has not been damaged, iO Raw Linseed Oil provides the following benefits:
Water resistant. Water left on the surface may penetrate given enough time
Flexible. Oil finishes continue to protect as the wood expands and contract.
Accentuates the texture and grain of the wood
Easy to apply (rub on, rub off)
Very forgiving during application
Easy to re-apply if the original finish becomes worn or damaged

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iO linseed Oil Raw 1ltr, iO linseed Oil Raw 5ltr


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