Kohnke’s Cell E Premium 1.2kg


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Kohnke’s Own Cell-E Premium is the most economical and comprehensive antioxidant formulation available for optimum muscle strength in all racing, performance and breeding horses on diets low or inadequate in Vitamin E and selenium. Cell-E Premium

Contains 2 forms of Vitamin E (high potency natural and stable synthetic Vitamin E) as well as organic (chelated) selenium for maximum utilisation.


  • Two forms of Vitamin E (high potency natural and stable synthetic Vitamin E) for functional utilisation.
  • Organic (chelated) selenium yeast for optimum uptake uptake utilisation of selenium.
  • Vitamin A and Vitamin C.
  • Flavoured with natural carrot powder.
  • Cell-E Premium is great value for money – in fact, around half the price per supplementary dose as compared to many plain Vitamin E supplements that don’t provide all the other complementary nutrients!

Common grain and hay based diets are low or inadequate in Vitamin E and/or Selenium – Cell-E Premium is the most logical and economical choice!

SIZES: 1.2kg

Handy Hint: Cell-E Premium has a sticky whey powder base to ensure it adheres to the feed to avoid sift out and dust – a common problem with many other powdered vitamin E supplements. It is an ideal pre-race and competition supplement to give for 2-3 days prior to fast or strenuous exercise for racing, eventing, and endurance competition where diets are often low or inadequate in vitamin E or selenium


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