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A comprehensive supplement containing three (3) separate Supplets, combined in a scientifically blended ratio that meets the specific needs of growing and breeding horses.

White Supplets – The Major Minerals
Brown Supplets – The Major Trace-Minerals
Golden Yellow Supplets – The Major Vitamins

The ratio of calcium to phosphorus at 2.7 calcium to 1.0 phosphorus is specially matched to meet the critical mineral balance on both grass and legume based pastures, as well as diets supplemented with lucerne or meadow hay.

Cell-Grow provides the full range of trace-minerals, including copper, zinc, manganese, iodine and selenium that are often low or inadequate in the common feeds relative to needs of growing horses for sound bone and joint development, and for optimum fertility in breeding horses.

Cell-Grow is an innovative supplement that overcomes the problems of sift-out and powder loss from dry feeds fed out to paddocked horses.

Important: If you are using ready-mixed feed for growing and breeding horses and reduce the recommended rate of feeding to avoid over-energy supply because of excess bodyweight or limb abnormalities, Cell Grow is the ideal supplement that can be added to maintain adequate mineral and trace-mineral intake in growing horses.

Call the Kohnke’s Own Free-call number, 1800 11 22 27, for advice on the amount of Cell-Grow to add to make up these shortfalls.

3.5kg (38 days supply at standard horse maintenance rate)
20kg (222 days supply at standard horse maintenance rate)

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10kg, 20kg, 3.5kg


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