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Kohnke’s Own Cell-Iron is an iron supplement for athletic horses to make up shortfalls in low or inadequate grain and hay based diets.

Cell-Iron contains:

  • 3 forms of iron – including ‘chelated’ iron proteinate, 98% iron carbonyl and sulfate of iron for optimum availability
  • Coated sodium and calcium ascorbate (Ester C – stable Vitamin C sources) for iron
  • uptake
  • Vitamin B12 and folic acid as co-factors (which are stable in the dry pelleted form) for iron activity
  • Whey powder to protect the gut lining during iron passage.
  • Detailed instructions on pack ensure correction of diets low or inadequate in iron in all horses.


  • No sift-out (a problem with powders)
  • No sludging in the bin (a problem with liquids)
  • No adverse chemical reactions with vitamins in the same feed (a problem with liquids)
  • Minimal gut irritation (a problem with liquids and powders)

SIZES: 1.2kg; 3.5kg

Handy Hint: Give 1 scoopful of Cell-Iron on the last 2 evenings before racing and competition to provide supplementary iron, B12 and folic acid – it’s more concentrated and cost effective than sachets of iron powder or most iron liquids because the pelleted formulation avoids sift out, vitamin inter-action and sludging in the feed bin!

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1.2kg, 3.5kg


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