Meals for Mutts

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Meals for Mutts is available via special order, simply email or call us to order this product. It can take up to 2 weeks to come in to stock so please order in advance if you require it as we don’t have the whole range on hand in our stall all the time. Our prices for Meals for Mutts are as follows:

Cat Roo and Turkey:
2.5kg – $26.13
9kg – $62.75
20kg – $114.65

Cat Grainfree Mack and Salmon:
2.5kg- $28.92
9kg- $70.59
20kg- $141.70

Dog Kangaroo and Lamb or Salmon and Sardine:
2.5kg- $22.87
9kg- $60
20kg- $110

Dog Large Breed Salmon and Sardine:
9kg- $61
20kg- $115

Dog Grainfree Duck and Turkey or Salmon and Sardine:
2.5kg- $30.35
9kg- $72
20kg- $141.70

Dog Single meat proten gluten free in Chicken, Goat, Lamb or Roo:
2.5kg- $29.40
14kg- $98.80

Puppy Turkey and Salmon:
2.5kg- $29
9kg- $70
20kg- $141.70

Puppy Grainfree Turkey and Chicken:
9kg- $71
20kg- $141.70

Puppy large breed Grainfree Turkey and Chicken:
2.5kg- $29
20kg- $141.70



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