NRG Bitter Biter


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Avert fence munching with the most bitter taste, NRG Bitter Biter.

NRG Bitter Biter is a quick drying water-based emulsion designed to paint on timber surfaces where your animals love to chew.

The Bitter Biter emulsion goes on white and dries with a clear low gloss finish.

Once dry, the paint will not rub off or spoil your clothing.

With water resistant qualities, Bitter Biter will protect your timber from the weather as well as animals.

With no harsh fumes, Bitter Biter is non-toxic and will last for months, so there is no need to reapply on a regular basis.

Containing no capsicum, Bitter Biter will not return a positive swab.


The most bitter taste

Does not contain capsicum

Does not return positive swab

Quick drying

Water-based emulsion

Permanently dries clear

Water resistant qualities

Assist in protecting timber

Lasts for month so no need to keep reapplying on a regular basis

No harsh fumes

Once dry, will not rub off or spoil clothing

SIZE: 500mL


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