Sykes Potties Cough Mixture


Active Constituents

  • Ammonium Chloride
  • Extract Licorice
  • Extract Squill
  • Extract Ginger

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Directions for Use: Dosage and Administration
Pottie’s Cough Mixture should be dosed two or three daily times daily. It can be administered orally by syringe over the back of the tongue or mixed into the feed.


Adult horse 30mL
Yearling or pony 15mL
Cattle 45mL
When should I use Pottie’s Cough Mixture?

Pottie’s Cough Mixture should be used for horses who suffer from persistent coughs resulting from dust or other allergens in the feed, the stable environment, from irritations to the airway, or by viral diseases and upper and lower airway diseases. Can be used also to relieve coughing which occurs prior to or during exercise, or horses who cough during feeding.


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