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Cobram Feed and Grain Designer Horse Mix

Cobram Feed and Grain Designer Horse Mix

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Cobram Feed and Grain Designer Horse Mix is prepared utilising all natural grains and ingredients which has been specifically nutritionally designed for horses. It is not artificially processed thru cooking, heat extraction, or over processing. It has been prepared as a minimal fuss feed for the busy horse owner. The feed requires no additional vitamins, probiotics, biotin, minerals and oils to be added as it is a complete 'mix' ready to go. It is a highly palatable and digestible feed for horses without the high sugar content. The added probiotics help break down the fibre in the gut and the proteins and the added biotin promotes healthy hooves and coat condition.

The mix consists of Oats, Canola Meal, Barley, Wheat, DDGS, Lucerne Meal, Oil, Biotin, Minerals and Probiotics.
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