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Feedrite Maintain

Feedrite Maintain

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FeedRite MainTain Mix is an oat free sweet feed incorporating micronised and steam rolled legumesand cereal grains to maximise digestibility. FeedRite MainTain Mix is designed for feedingto high-performance horses that suffer from tying up syndrome.


Steam Rolled and Micronised Barley, Maize, Lupins, Beans, Black Sunflower Seeds. Lucerne, Molasses, Vegetable Oils, Salt, Calcium Carbonate, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Oxide, FeedRite Vitamin and Trace Mineral Premix (with Bio-Available Organic Trace Minerals), Lysine, Yeast Products, Choline Chloride, Vitamin C.

Detailed Analysis per 1kg (as fed):

Lysine 10 g
Methionine 1.4 g
Calcium 10 g
Phosphorous 6 g
Potassium 10 g
Magnesium 5 g

Added Vitamins and Trace Minerals per 1kg
Vitamin C mg 525
Vitamin A IU 12,000
Vitamin D3 IU 1,200
Vitamin E mg 420
Vitamin K3 mg 4
Vitamin B1 mg (Thiamine) 20
Vitamin B2 mg (Riboflavin) 12
Niacin mg (B3) 65
Vitamin B5 mg (Pantothenic Acid) 20
Vitamin B6 mg (Pyridoxine) 8
Folic Acid mg (B9) 10
Vitamin B12 µg 40
Biotin µg 1000
Iodine mg 1
Cobalt mg 0.3
Manganese mg+ 145
Iron mg+ 160
Zinc mg+ 150
Copper mg+ 50
Selenium mg+ 0.6
Chromium mg+ 1

+ indicates use of bio-available organic sources and inorganic sources

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