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Optimum Adult 12x700g Cans

Optimum Adult 12x700g Cans

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For adult dogs 1 years +

Just like us, what a dog eats has a powerful effect on their health, strength and total well-being. The kind of food your dog requires changes throughout its life. That's why the OPTIMUM Adult range has created a variety of different formulations to suit your dogs various life stages and needs.

OPTIMUM Adult wet promotes nutrition for life - Made with fresh meat, our products are 100% complete and balanced and because they have been specifically developed by nutritionists and vets at Waltham, the world's leading authority on pet care, the OPTIMUM range provides your dog with the optimal level of nutrition.

* IMMUNITY - OPTIMUM Adult contains a patented blend of antioxidants including vitamin E, C and taurine. This blend has been shown to help strengthen the immune system, and keep your dog healthy by helping to reduce the oxidative stress on your dog's cells.
* INTESTINAL HEALTH - Carefully selected vegetable fibres act as a prebiotic promoting healthy bacteria in the gut, resulting in fewer, firm stools.
* HEALTHY HEART - The added taurine in OPTIMUM Adult will help maintain a healthy heart and eyes.
* SKIN AND COAT HEALTH - The OPTIMUM range delivers a healthier, shinier coat because it contains a blend of zinc and linoleic acid (found in vegetable oil).

Protein, Crude = 75.0%
Fat, Crude = 6.0%

Meat (chicken, beef, lamb and pork); rice; egg; gelling agents; vegetable oil; vegetable fibre; antioxidants (including marigold meal); natural flavours (including garlic); minerals; vitamins (including E, B group and D).

Weight of dog = Cans = Can & Dry
5kg = 0.5 = 0.5 & 0.25
10kg = 1 = 0.5 & 0.75
20kg = 1.75 = 1 & 1
30kg = 2.25 = 1.25 & 1.5

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