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Wobble Tee Clever Drop Sprinkler

Wobble Tee Clever Drop Sprinkler

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  • Great performance at pressures between 5-50 PSI using pressure regulating discs, covering an area upto 8m in diameter

  • Designed for Australian conditions with even distribution of water

  • Removable filter allows use with a variety of water types - dam, river, town, recycled effluent re-use and grey water

  • Add-on-ability to run more than one sprinkler from the same tap

  • Sprinkler components are manufactured from high grade UV stabilied plastics

The 100% Australian made water efficient Clever Drop Sprinkler is designed to work at various pressures (35-350KPA) covering an area of up to 8m in diameter. The base is adjustable to ensure even distribution across sloping or uneven surfaces and comes with four pressure regulating discs of various sizes. These discs can be removed from the base and used to control the watering diameter to ensure consistent, even distribution of water preventing evaporation loss and wind drift due to misting therefore applying the water like slow soaking rain.

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