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iO Horse & Pony Lick Block

iO Horse & Pony Lick Block

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The iO Horse and Pony Block is an all natural block designed to provide horses with energy, protein, calcium, phosphorus and trace minerals. Being molasses based, iO Horse and Pony Block is highly palatable and weatherproof.

Benefits & Features:

* Ideal for mixed grazing conditions

* Improves growth rate

* Prevents ill thrift

* Assists in maintaining peak condition

* All natural protein

* Easy to feed

* Good levels of essential trace elements

* Suitable for all horses and ponies.

Directions for Use:

Place blocks near watering points. Place sufficient blocks so stock have ready access to blocks. May be fed in stable, yard or paddock.

Recommended intake per head per day:

Foals 50 - 100g

weanlings 75 - 150g

Adult horses 100-200g
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