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Kohnke's Tox Target

Kohnke's Tox Target

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Kohnke’s Own Tox-Target is the ultimate mycotoxin binder for horses with a high potency and broad-spectrum action.

Mycotoxins are toxic substances produced by moulds on grass, weeds, grain, feeds and hays. They can create significant challenges to a horse’s health. 
Horses consuming mycotoxins can exhibit a range of symptoms, commonly termed mycotoxicosis. These include unexplained random spooky behaviour, skin irritation, photosensitivity, head-shaking or flicking, staggers, to gut issues, poor growth, low fertility, immune problems and lack of stamina.

Moulds that invade certain grass species can produce mycotoxins which are particularly toxic to horses.  Key types include black paspalum (ergot mycotoxins), ryegrass, clovers, tall fescue, weeds such as capeweed and other grasses that grow in hot, wet or damp climates. 

Tox-Target contains multiple mycotoxin binders in a concentrated formula designed for an ‘ultra-high level’ binding capacity. The combination of mineral, organic and inorganic binders give Tox-Target a broad-spectrum action to bind many different mycotoxins and allow them to be expelled in the manure, rather than being absorbed by the horse. 

Long term mycotoxin exposure can negatively impact horse health and wellbeing.  Tox Target contains nutrients that help to ‘detoxify’ the liver, kidneys and other organs that may have been affected by ingestion of mycotoxins. 

Tox-Target has been especially researched and tested for horses grazing on pastures that are infected by mycotoxins. Extensive field trials demonstrated excellent results in helping horses that had showed visible symptoms of mycotoxicosis. 

Features and Benefits: 

  • Mycotoxin binder for horses ingesting mycotoxins in grass, feeds, grain and hays
  • For all horses requiring a specific mycotoxin binder with a broad-spectrum action
  • Recommended for horses with visible symptoms of mycotoxin-related problems
  • Particularly suited for horses grazing in pastures with mycotoxin-affected grasses

Unique Design:

  • Includes 5 different types of mycotoxin binders for a comprehensive binding effect
  • 'Ultra-high level’ binding capacity, extensively tested for optimum activity in horses
  • Liver detoxifying formula; includes amino acids, choline and other helpful nutrients
  • Pelleted and highly palatable for easy feeding, compatible with other supplements

Directions for Use:
Each scoopful provides 60grams of Tox-Target.
It is recommended to split the daily dose of Tox-Target between morning and evening feeds (even a small feed) to help prolong the full daily activity of the supplement for grazing horses. 
For donkeys and ponies, use half the below supplementation rates, but the same guidelines to splitting the dose between morning and evening feeds. 

High Risk Supplementation Rate:
Provide 120grams per day, split between morning and evening feeds for horses (400 – 600kg body weight) with visible symptoms of mycotoxin-related problems, or when grazing grasses or consuming mycotoxin-infected feedstuffs, or in high seasonal mycotoxin load periods.  This supplementation rate may be required long term for severely grass-affected horses in areas with known mycotoxin issues.

Low Risk or Maintenance Supplementation Rate:
Provide 60grams daily (preferably split morning and night) once noticeable mycotoxin-related problems are resolved (maintenance rate), or in lower-risk circumstances or seasons. 

Pack Weight and Days Supply:
1.2 kg pouch (20 days supply)
4kg bucket (66 days supply)  
10kg bucket (166 days supply)

** Days supply is calculated from the 60 gram dose which is suitable for horses (500 kg body weight) for maintenance.

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