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4cyte Epitalis Equine Gel

4cyte Epitalis Equine Gel

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4CYTE EPIITALIS® FORTE is a revolutionary daily joint support for horses and is powered by Interpath's exclusive active ingredient EPIITALIS®. Endorsed by veterinarians and veterinary surgeons, 4CYTE is backed by world-class research and development. 4CYTE EPIITALIS® FORTE is safe to take long-term and is a feed additive used to: Help maintain suppleness and a willingness to perform, support for joint function and joint health, support healthy joints in high performance animals, provide nutritional support after joint injury or surgery and promote production of health cartilage. The benefits are simple non-invasiv oral application or can be applied to food, small cost effective once daily dosing, safe to administer and take long-term with no known side effects, has undergone in-vitro, in-vivo and clinical studies. It is also surgeon and veterinarian endorsed & non-swabbable

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