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Advance Puppy Large Breed

Advance Puppy Large Breed

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Advance contains a unique blend of ingredients which increase the level of antioxidants in all dog breeds, which are essential for cellular repair and helps strengthen the immune system. Its patented combination of fermentable fibres acts as prebiotic promoting healthy bacteria in the gut, resulting in fewer and firmer stools. It also helps improve skin and coat condition of your pet with its enhanced levels of zinc and linoleic acids, helping your pet look its best. Advance Puppy plus Large breed diet is specifically designed to achieve the optimum growth rate in large and giant breeds, through restricted calories and controlled calcium/phosphorus ratios. It also contains natural source of Glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate and omega 3 fatty acids to help manage joint health. Advance Puppy Plus large breed is a complete and balanced diet to maintain optimised growth in large and giant breeds.

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