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Carbine Stamazene

Carbine Stamazene

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Due to the nature of this product we only keep very limited supplies in Brisbane so your order MAY take an extra 2-3 weeks for processing from the Manufacturer.


Stamazene is a concentrated oral liquid electrolyte solution as an aid in the prevention & treatment of dehydration in horses. The loss of electrolytes during strenuous exercise must be replaced in the diet to help restore normal levels.

Requirements are also increased by hot or humid conditions, dietary deficiency, excessive sweating and diarrhoea. Nervousness can also be a contributor to sweating, even under normal climatic conditions.

Dosage & Administration:

For oral use only.
Stamazene can be administered in many ways:

1) Added to the drinking water:

Add the recommended dosage in 10 litres of clean drinking water (preferably the first drink after working).

2) Mixed with the morning feed:

Because a large number of horses are worked early in the day, it can be 10 - 12 hours before they have their night feed, where the majority of supplements are added. By adding Stamazene to the morning feed, it helps the horse consume electrolytes lost during exercise and accelerates rehydration at an earlier rate.

3) Syringed directly into the horse's mouth. This technique may be of use for:

  • Paddocked horses, & those drinking from automatic watering troughs

  • Slow / poor feeders & horses that sweat excessively. It is highly recommended to syringe Stamazene directly into the horse's mouth immediately after work, or before being released into the stable or paddock. Stamazene will boost their electrolyte concentration instantly, and will increase the desire to drink. By using this technique the horse has received all its electrolytes well before it has started feeding, and is particularly important for horses that are inclined to leave feed.

  • Horses with dental problems or cut mouths. Cut mouths can be a hindrance to electrolyte supplementation and some horses have been steered away from their feed bin by electrolytes stinging the sensitive areas. With corrective dentistry or while the cuts are healing, Stamazene can be employed to ensure that the electrolytes are being supplemented with minimal discomfort.

The formulation of Stamazene allows it to work in conjunction with alkaline or acidic therapy. Syringing 100mls of Stamazene daily into the horse's mouth is the equivalent of two saline drenches per week.
How to Use Stamazene as an after-race Saline Drench:

On returning to stables, syringe 200ml of Stamazene directly into the horse's mouth, also add 60g of Carbelyte into the horse's feed and mix thoroughly. For horses reluctant to eat electrolytes in their feed, syringe 350ml of Stamazene directly into the mouth. By using either technique is the equivalent to one strong saline drench. An adequate supply of clean drinking water must be available during treatment.

Daily Dose Rates:

Racehorses & Pacers: 60 - 120ml
Endurance Horses: 120ml
Show horses: 60mL
Polo horses: 120mL
Yearlings: 60mL
Travelling Horses: 120mL
Ponies: 60mL

120mL may be used daily for dehydration, excessive sweating, hot climactic conditions, strenuous racing or reduced urine flow.

Due to the nature of this product we only keep very limited supplies in Brisbane so your order MAY take an extra 7-15 working days for processing from the Manufacturer.

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