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CEN Gold

CEN Gold

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CEN Gold - Joint and Skin Health

CEN GOLD is a unique natural formulation which may help reduce inflammation and assist in immune system health. Formulated from organic turmeric (5% curcumin), rosehip granules and stabilised linseed meal (25% Omega 3). Rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, CEN Gold used successfully by horse owners, studs and trainers around Australia. A natural daily support to help limit the need for prolonged use of anti-inflammatory medication for chronic conditions.


Supports healthy joint function
May assist in skin/coat health
Supports digestive health
High in polyphenols & antioxidants


Organic Turmeric can help in reducing inflammation and pain without the side effects. It's suitable for horses suffering from osteoarthritis. Researchers from Germany and The UK revealed that curcumin significantly reduces the inflammatory pathways found in horses suffering from osteoarthritis.



Rosehip may help ease joint inflammation and joint damage. It is rich in antioxidants mainly Vitamin C that has the ability to strengthen blood vessel walls, which can have a positive effect on healthy hoof growth. Rosehip contains bioflavonoids which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity.



Linseed Meal contains Omega 3 that promotes anti-inflammatory conditions. Lab tested levels of 25% Omega 3 at room temperature. Food grade full-fat milled linseeds (Non-GMO) are used. Antioxidants help preserve the purity and integrity of the oil while making the proteins highly usable for equine use. None of the natural oils are removed or expelled during the process leaving all of the nutritious and desirable Omega 3 fatty acids intact. There are no added/artificial preservatives.

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