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Country Heritage Organic Backyard Layer Mash 20kg

Country Heritage Organic Backyard Layer Mash 20kg

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Country Heritage Feeds has developed a layer feed specifically for chickens whose owners may be affected by, or who wish to avoid the use of soy and it has been made without the use of an animal ingredients such as meat or fish meal. This diet is perfect for those owners who themselves are vegetarian or simply prefer not feeding their chooks any animal material.

Feed Directions - CHF Organic Backyard Soy Free Layer Mash is formulated for laying birds. (Approx. 18 20 weeks). It is advisable to blend layer feed with CHF Organic Chicken Starter Grower feed from 16 weeks to assist with the transition onto the layer feed.

Typical feed consumption for a backyard laying hen fed on the CHF Organic Backyard Soy Free Layer Mash is between 130g 150g per head per day. Feed is best provided ad lib as the birds naturally regulate their consumption according to their energy requirements. A specially designed self-feeder is the most suitable method of doing this. To obtain minimal wastage, ensure that the feeder is elevated so the birds can comfortably access the feed, but high enough so they cannot scratch it out onto the ground with their feet. Always ensure that birds have access to clean potable drinking water.
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