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Digestive EQ

Digestive EQ

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Digestive EQ is a powder based feed supplement that focuses on stabilizing the pH levels across the horse’s entire digestive system and increases the resilience of the hind gut. As a result we are seeing systemic inflammation, behavioral and performance issues in horses improved as well as greater feed conversion, natural vitamin B and amino acid production.

The product is powder based (mixed into the horse’s feed) and contains a blend of five active ingredients which include:
1.A marine source of highly bioavailable calcium and magnesium which acts as an acid buffer by absorbing the excess acid caused by various stress factors, therefore ensuring a balanced and proper pH level within the horse’s stomach.
2.Enzymes which support digestion of starches in the small intestine, increasing nutrient absorption and reducing the dump of starches in the hindgut.
3.Amino acids which assist to build muscle and strengthen the gut wall.
4.A powerful prebiotic that encourages functional microbiome activity in the hindgut and builds a horse’s resistance to stress.
5.A mycotoxin eliminator that helps deactivate and remove damaging feed related toxins.

Research shows that horses will only achieve greater feed conversion once the bacterial profile within the hindgut improves for the better and in our trial the results showed this to be highly effective. Further to this, testimonials over the past 12 months add weight to the contribution that EQ is having on horses both in Australia and now internationally.

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