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Digestive VM

Digestive VM

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Digestive VM is the ultimate vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement. The product has been formulated to fill nutrient gaps. Diets may include forage (pasture or hay) based diets, unfortified grain diets or diets whereby less than the recommended feeding rate of a commercial feed is being fed.

Glutamine and the yeast derived prebiotic support the good bacteria in your horse’s hindgut which makes fibre digestion more efficient and keeping the good bacteria happy to support overall health. Digestive VM provides vitamins and minerals in their most bioavailable form. Ingredients include organic selenium and chromium, and natural vitamin E.

The supplement also supplies essential amino acids such as Lysine and Threonine. These assist in building top line, strong hooves and promote gut health.

Digestive VM does not contain sugar, grain or molasses. This makes it a good option for horses prone to laminitis, diagnosed with PPID (Cushings) or PSSM and overweight horses on an energy restricted diet.

40g scoop included.

•The pelleted form makes it easy to administer and reduces the chance of the horse sifting it out
•The supplement should be introduced slowly to allow your horse to get used to the taste
•Find the feeding rates on the supplement label
•Always secure the lid on securely

Recommended by leading veterinarians. Contains FIAAA Ingredients.

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