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Enduro Puppy Dog Food

Enduro Puppy Dog Food

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You want your puppy to grow into a happy, healthy and confident dog – and the best way to do this is to ensure he eats well from the start – shoes, couches and rugs notwithstanding. Enduro Puppy is a correctly balanced and complete kibble designed to give your puppy a dietary boost into healthy long life. Extremely palatable and easily digestible, Enduro Puppy’s unique formula uses kangaroo meat with extra protein and fats.

There are few leaner or lower-fat meats on the market than kangaroo meat – and it’s also a source of extremely high-quality protein. Blend that with other meat proteins, cereals and vegetables and you’ve got a tasty, healthy and digestible kibble.

Product details

Aids growing bones and teeth
assists with strong, healthy muscle development
promotes healthy skin and shiny coat
100% nutrition – no fillers
top-notch proteins and fats in just the right balance
natural antioxidants fortify puppy’s immune system.


Kangaroo meat and kangaroo by-products, wholegrain sorghum, chicken and poultry by-products, wholegrain wheat, prime beef tallow, chicken digest, Sodium Chloride, polyunsaturated canola oil, essential vitamins and minerals, mixed Tocopherols (Vitamin E). Analysis: Crude Protein 26%, Crude fat 12%, Crude fibre 3.5%, Calcium 1.91%, Phosphorous 1.17%, Sodium Chloride (max) 1.90%, Omega 6 (18:2 and 20:4) 1.3%, Omega 3 (18:3 and 22:6) 0.288%, Energy 1302kj (310kcal).

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