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Equilibrium Mineral Mix

Equilibrium Mineral Mix

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Designed for horses and manufactured in our purpose built facility, you can be assured that when you supplement your horse with an Equilibrium product, you’re giving your horse the best chance to be as healthy and as happy as they can be.


Equilibrium Mineral Mix and B1 Cool Mix contain the same vitamins and minerals, the difference between the two lies in the differing ratios of ingredients. Equilibrium B1 Cool Mix contains extra amounts of Magnesium and Vitamin B1 which help to aid in normal nervous system function. Whilst either product can be fed to any horse, we do recommend Equilibrium Mineral Mix for horses that are not prone to bouts of nervousness or excitability, instead we recommend the Equilibrium B1 Cool Mix for these types of horses.

Both products are designed to be mixed in with a daily feed or can be fed as loose lick to horses out in the paddock. If you would like the convenience of feeding our product as a loose lick, we do recommend that it be protected from rain in some way.

Why choose Equilibrium Mineral Mix?

Economical – One 22kg bag can last the average horse for nearly 12 months.
All in One – No need to feed additional salts, electrolytes, vitamins or minerals. We do recommend a quality joint supplement and toxin binder where the need arises.
Balanced – A uniquely balanced supplement designed for horses, not for particular pastures or geographic areas.
For all Horses – Recommended for all ages and breeds. The dose is varied according to age, type and workload.
For all Conditions – Recommended for all soil and pasture types.

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