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FeedRite Calf Starter Muesli Mix 20kg

FeedRite Calf Starter Muesli Mix 20kg

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Feedrite Calf Starter Muesli is a good choice for growing calves.

A well-designed calf feed should be palatable, none-dusty, nutrient dense, have a texture that encourages chewing and be consistent in its formulation.

Highly palatable ingredients such as barley, maize and lupins stimulate solid feed intake in young calves which promotes early rumen development. Careful processing by steam rolling ingredients and molasses coating the finished mix minimises the formation of fines and dust which reduce feed intake. Steam rolling also helps create an optimal feed structure with large, flattened particles which encourage chewing and consequent salivation that helps stabilise rumen acidity. The high energy and protein levels in Feedrite Calf Starter Muesli are carefully designed to support optimal growth and development of young calves. Finally, the fixed formula of Feedrite Calf Starter Muesli caters to the preference calves have for consistency in their feed.

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