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Fibregenix Lami-Low Cal Diet Balancer 15kg

Fibregenix Lami-Low Cal Diet Balancer 15kg

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Fibregenix Lami Low-Cal for laminitis and weight management. Absolute ‘must-have’ addition to the diet for laminitis and weight management, other metabolic challenges, and good doers

Managing diets for laminitic or overweight horses or ponies is often a huge headache for owners. However, neither category should be starved as this can lead to further issues eg ulcers, colic or mental stress.

Despite this, diet restrictions are often necessary meaning horses and ponies can be missing out on vital essential nutrients. Ensuring the right levels of nutrients for overweight horses and ponies when on a restricted diet is tricky at the best of times. And even worse when there are metabolic problems involved.

Lami Low-Cal can play an integral part in the diet by bridging those nutritional gaps. It’s specifically formulated to deliver low calorie, low protein, low starch/sugar, in a high fibre formulation.

Furthermore, the inclusion of digestive enhancer and gut health packages will assist in reducing acidosis. Added benefits include assisting in stabilising the gut PH as well as improving forage digestion. Your horse or pony will get all the daily nutrients he needs to ensure he stays healthy.
Key Benefits:

Whole cereal and molasses free, so super low levels of starch/sugar. A 500kg horse fed on 500g Lami Low-Cal will have a starch intake of just 25g per day. Well within the 100g starch per meal recommended for metabolic issues and adheres to the recommendation of no more than 0.3g of starch per kg of bodyweight of horse.

No added iron. Hence, it’s ideal to feed where there is insulin resistance and/or Cushing’s.
Promotes great coat and skin health, even when on poorer quality fibre
Helps reduce cresty necks and fatty pads
Works quickly to help your horse/pony on the road to recovery
Confined in a yard or stable, your horse/pony will be so much calmer
Noticeable improvements to his immune system
Save money by not having to buy additional supplements
Tasty, small pellets mean no more sifting out expensive powdered supplements. Your horse or pony will eat every scrap.

Key ingredients

digestive enhancement and gut health supplements of MOS & FOS prebiotics and sepiolite, live yeast probiotic, beta glucans and nucleotides. This comprehensive combination of digestive aids helps maintain healthy gut function and promote fibre digestibility. Additionally, they help reduce acidosis, buffer the hindgut and aid nutrient/feed utilisation and uptake
excellent levels of high-quality magnesium. Research has proven that magnesium may play a vital role in assisting with insulin activity and reducing fat deposits
Omega 3 and 6 from linseed and sunflower with organic zinc for a glossy coat and healthy skin. These essential fatty acids must be provided in the diet. The levels have been carefully balanced to promote coat and skin health without providing excess calories.
Includes Organic MSM in the hoof supplement so aids the repair of internal hoof structures damaged by laminitis
powerful combination of antioxidants. Bioavailable selenium, Vitamin C and natural Vitamin E
complete broad-spectrum vitamin & mineral package that includes the most bioavailable chelate forms

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