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Genesis Estro Heat Detectors 50's

Genesis Estro Heat Detectors 50's

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Genesis Estro Heat Detectors 50s

Estrotect cow heat detectors help determine when cows are ready to be bred. Economical, simple-to-use, highly effective bovine heat detection aid features "scratch-off" technology for superior results in identifying standing heat.

Silver "scratch" surface is removed via friction each time a cow or heifer is mounted, helping minimize false positives. When more of the fluorescent indicator is visible than the silver surface, the closer the cow or heifer is to standing heat.

Just apply once during breeding cycle. Works 24 hours a day throughout the 21-day heat cycle. When applied correctly, should stay on for up to 8 weeks.

If you do not get equal or better results than your previous method, Estrotect will replace the product or give you your money back.

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