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IAH Worma Paste 56gm

IAH Worma Paste 56gm

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IAH Worma Paste 56gm

IAH Worma Paste

Suitable for: Horses as part of a regular parasite control program.

International Animal Health (IAH) formulate a range of products to support the health and wellbeing of horses and foals. IAH markets quality Australian owned and Australian made products, from feed additives, probiotics, anti-parasitic pastes and drenches, to first aid, hoof-care and grooming products.

The Worma Paste is a broad spectrum worming paste for horses of all ages, including foals. This wormer combines two active ingredients, Oxfendazole and Piperazine, to control sensitive strains of adult and immature forms of Large Roundworms, Pinworm, Large Strongyles, Adult Stomach Hairworm, Adult Stomach Worm, and Small Strongyles. For a full list of parasites covered, please see below.

  • Broad-spectrum wormer for horses
  • Treat all horses on property every 6 - 8 weeks
  • Treat visiting and new horses before introduction to pasture

  • Treat foals every 4 weeks to control Large Roundworm

  • To be administered orally, dial-a-dose syringe

  • Suitable for horses of all ages, including foals

The Worma paste contains two different classes of wormers to control sensitive strains of adult and immature forms of large roundworms (Parascaris equorum), pinworm (Oxyuris equi), large strongyles (Strongylus spp), adult stomach hairworm (Trichonstrongylus axei) and adult stomach worm (Habronema micro stoma) and small strongyles (Cyathostomes). Also kills tissue stages of Strongylus edentatus and aids in the control of migrating stages of Strongylus vulgaris with a corresponding reduction in arterial lesions.

Directions for use: A complete syringe treats a 600kg body weight horse. The plunger is calibrated in 100kg weight increments which each deliver 5.4g of paste. Adjust the locking ring to the required body weight and depress plunger. Ensure paste is administered on the rear of the tongue and hold horse’s head raised for a few seconds after dosing to ensure the paste is swallowed. Two doses given two days apart gives enhanced efficacy against migrating strongyles and will decrease the incidence of associated colic.

Did you know...

In combination with good pasture and herd management practices, a rotational worming strategy can help to combat the development of worm resistance to anthelminthic drugs and reduce the overall amount of worming treatments that are required. Rotational worming involves rotating the class of active ingredient in the wormer being used on an annual basis, most commonly rotating between a macrocylic lactone (mectin) product and a benzimadazole product. To determine a suitable worming strategy for your horse, talk to your equine veterinarian or ask a Pet Circle vet for more information.

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