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iO Magnesium Chloride 25kg

iO Magnesium Chloride 25kg

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Fully Soluble Flakes. Can be used as dust suppressants and as an animal supplement. Used in detergents, used in fertilizer mixtures.


With iO Magnesium chloride, Farmers can enjoy this product as it helps them generate healthier plants and larger harvests. iO Magnesium Chloride helps in regulating the pH levels of highly acidic soil to make it more suitable for different plants.

iO Magnesium Chloride, like most other magnesium chloride products causes the least damage to the soil which makes it an ideal de-icing agent for farms.

Also, iO Magnesium Chloride can be used as a dust suppressant and road stabilizer on non- paved roads and as a deicing product on paved roads and sidewalks.

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