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Jurox Q Drench

Jurox Q Drench

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Q-drench is a short acting, 4 way combination sheep drench. Q-drench contains 4 actives with 4 different modes of action at 4 fully effective doses. Q-drench is the ideal choice for strategic treatments such as weaning, pre-lambing, quarantine, primer and exit drenches which rely on the highest possible efficacy to achieve their aims.


Using Q-drench as part of or within a season drench rotation will increase sheep productivity and help delay the development of parasites resistance to existing drenches.

  •  4 actives with 4 different modes of action in every dose

  •  Ideal for strategic drenching programs

  •  Delays development of resistant worm strains

  •  Made in Australia for Australian conditions

  •  Cost effective, broad spectrum worm control

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