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Kentucky Hemabuild

Kentucky Hemabuild

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Hemabuild is a concentrated blend of chelated iron, copper, zinc, cobalt and B vitamins. Horses under the stresses of hard work, racing, competition and travel may suffer from suppression of red blood cell production, together with reduced life span of red cells or increased losses due to bleeding.  Hemabuild is formulated for use in horses under the rigors of training and racing, or competition. It is recommended for use in the nutritional support of red blood cell production.

USES: - As a trace mineral and B vitamin supplement - Prior to and after travel - Prior to and after fast work, race or competition - As an alternative to iron and vitamin injections.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Daily as required May be given for three days prior to and following race, competition or travel The following amounts may be added to the daily feed. 1 scoop = 15 g

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