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Kohnke's Cell Vital Premium

Kohnke's Cell Vital Premium

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Cell-Vital Premium is formulated as a high potency all-in-one supplement to ensure that the demand for both major and micronutrients, which may be inadequate in the diet of horses in hard training and group level racing and upper level athletic performance, is satisfied.

Cell-Vital Premium is composed of five (5) separate types of Supplets, each providing specific nutrients in a stable cold-pressed form to make up shortfalls in grain, chaff and hay diets to meet the elevated metabolic activity associated with hard, fast or prolonged exercise.

White Supplet Pellets – Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Vitamin A & D
Brown Supplet Pellets – full range of trace-minerals, including organic selenium and chromium
Golden Golden-Yellow Supplet Pellets – The Essential Vitamins
Black Supplet Pellets – Iron, Folic acid, B12, Vitamin C
Red Supplet Pellets – Live Yeast Culture, Vitamin C and E

Cell-Vital Premium eliminates the need for separate supplements of calcium, iron, vitamin E and other vitamins that substantially increase the costs of feeding. The scientifically formulated cold-pressed Supplets help ensure optimum nutrient potency even in this all-in-one supplement to the last dose in the container.
Even the way that Cell-Vital Premium is dosed is different. Because of its high potency, it is recommended that it be provided as two half doses, one in the morning feed and the other in the evening feed, to ensure optimum uptake from the digestive system.

A daily dose of Cell-Vital Premium, by combining 4 major supplement groups in an innovative form to avoid nutrient interactions, saves both time and money compared to mixing 4 separate supplements into a feed.

The daily dose ranges from 100g (2 x 50g doses) for horses weighing 400-475kg, and 120g (3 x 60g doses) for horses weighing 475 to 550kg in hard race training or upper level equestrian competition.

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