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Kohnke's Own Palomino Gold

Kohnke's Own Palomino Gold

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Kohnke's Own Palomino Gold is a calcium, trace-mineral and vitamin supplement for Palomino horses. It can help ensure that your Palomino looks a 'million dollars'.

Palomino Gold is the world's first supplement formulated specifically for Palomino horses to correct low or inadequate intake of important nutrients on 'white' feed diets.

Field trials with leading Palomino breeders and show exhibitors have shown that when supplemented daily as directed, it minimises the risk of dark 'smutty' patches in the coat. It helps ensure a healthy golden, dappled and uniform coat colour for show Palominos on a 'white feed' diet. Many successful Royal Show Supreme and Reserve Champion Palominos have been supplemented with Palomino Gold.

Palomino Gold is formulated from a blend of 5 separate cold-pressed Supplet pellets to eliminate dust, sift-out, sludging in damp feeds and nutrient inter-actions.

Palomino Gold - it puts the 'gold' in the coat without the risk of 'smut'. Also suitable for Buckskins.

DOSAGE: 40g daily for a 450-500kg show Palomino.

SIZE: 1.4kg, 4kg

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