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Kohnke's Own Sprinters Gold Greyhound Energy-E 20lt

Kohnke's Own Sprinters Gold Greyhound Energy-E 20lt

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Greyhounds can utilise oils (fats) as an high energy source, even at sprint race speed, as compared to other sprint athletes. ENERGY-E has 3 important benefits when added to a greyhounds diet.

It provides a source of high quality stabilised oil (lipid source) or fat as an energy top-up during training and when panting during hot weather to help maintain optimum energy levels in the muscles during racing.

It contributes a careful balance between Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fats. Cold water fish oil included in the blend of oil provides eicosanoid compounds which have a role in many physiological and metabolic functions, including natural hormone synthesis, anti-inflammatory activity, maintenance of healthy muscle cell wall membranes, as well as skin and coat condition.

It contains oil soluble Vitamin E at 2000IU per litre, or 40IU of Vitamin E per average 20mL daily dose, to supplement greyhound diets which are often low in this essential Vitamin.

Palatability is assured with the unique blend of Omega oils and the slight aroma of fish oil - most greyhounds will lick it off a plate.

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