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Kool Glow

Kool Glow

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Kool Glow - A premium intestinal metabolic supplement containing pre and probiotics, plus balanced bioavailable vitamins and minerals to ensure your horse has optimal hind gut health, strong healthy hooves, and a mirror like shiny coat.


Kool Glow provides cool energy source, is fully utilized by the horse and is safe for continuous feeding.

Kool Glow is different; by applying an interactional approach it allows for the delivery of nutrients in combinations that are unique to Kool Glow.

Kool Glow delivers these essential ingredients in highly available forms, thus allowing for maximum cellular impact without compromising other functions due to oversupply.

* Coat changes will occur after 21 days
* Hoof improvement is noticeable after a couple of months
* Feed the 200g with one meal or 100g morning and evening
* Continuous feeding is fine, there are NO toxicity concerns
* Horses love the taste

Kool Glow contains:
* B Group Vitamins (B12 & B7).
These vitamins, especially Biotin (B7) are essential for the breakdown and the reassembly of amino acids into keratin.
No animal is capable of synthesizing biotin so it has to be added but can only be utilized by the horse if it is in conjunction with zinc and protein.

* Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 6 & 3).
Glands at the base of the hair follicle excrete fats and oils but only if present in the diet.

* Plant Protein Meals that are a 'cool' energy source.
This is of the highest quality to ensure the protein can be utilised by the horse and hoof tissue can be developed and maintained.

* High Quality Minerals that are bioavailable (ie absorbed and utilised by the animal).
Zinc and copper are required for the formation of keratin and are integral in ensuring the hardness of hoof.

* Probiotics – provide "good" bacteria for the gut and synthesise B group vitamins. Probiotics are proven to help with stress in the animal. These good bacteria help break down minerals so they can be absorbed.

* Magnesium is stored along the nerve fibres and in nervy horses they will burn through magnesium so it needs to be replaced. This along with the probiotic will help it overcome stress more easily and not be prone to lose condition.

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