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Multicube Lucerne and Teff Hay Cubes

Multicube Lucerne and Teff Hay Cubes

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Lucerne & Teff Cubes

Our ‘Lucerne & Teff’ Hay Cube combination is not only unique and palatable, but is especially attractive for animals that are prone to laminitis, metabolic conditions or just getting ‘too fat’. You have a low sugar forage combined with good protein levels, needed for muscle and hoof development and repair.

Our Lucerne & Teff Cubes, like all our cubes, are great as they are:
•Nutritionally consistent,
•Have sufficient fibre length for equine digestion,
•Guaranteed quality with feed tests
•Eliminates selective foraging, reducing waste
•Has a reduced amount of dust
•& Won’t blow away in the wind!

•Avg. Crude Protein 10%
•Avg. Digestibility 57% of DM
•Avg. Metabolisable Energy 8.2 MJ/kg DM
•Avg. Digestible Energy 9.4 MJ/kg DM
•Avg. Dry Matter 92%
•Avg. Water Soluble Carbohydrate 8.3%

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