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Optimum Large Breed Puppy Chicken 15Kg

Optimum Large Breed Puppy Chicken 15Kg

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Formulated specifically for puppies of large breed dogs, this dog food can provide your puppy with all its daily nutritional needs for it to reach its optimal development. This puppy food has high amounts of calcium for strong bones and teeth, DHA for brain and vision development, antioxidants for a stronger immune system, and zinc and omega 6 for a healthy coat and skin. This also comes in large kibbles that help remove tartar and plaque from your puppy’s teeth.

Key Benefits:

Specifically formulated to provide the nutritional needs of puppies of large breeds
Complete and balanced nutrients
Promotes strong bones and teeth
Promotes brain and vision development
Strengthens the immune system
Keeps the skin and coat healthy
Large kibbles keep your puppy’s teeth clean

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