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Optimum Puppy 12x700g Cans

Optimum Puppy 12x700g Cans

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For puppies 2 - 12 months

Just like us, what a puppy eats has a powerful effect on their health. OPTIMUM® Puppy wet formula has been developed to provide your puppy with a delicious and healthy meal, which provides the right nutritional balance of vitamins and minerals to support healthy development.

OPTIMUM® Puppy wet formula can be fed on its own or mixed with OPTIMUM® Puppy dry formula to give your puppy a perfectly balanced meal with all the additional nutrients they need.

* COLOSTRUM (MOTHER'S MILK) - OPTIMUM® Puppy contains colostrum to provide a high quality source of nutrients to encourage optimal gastrointestinal health.
* SMART PUPPY - BRAIN AND VISION DEVELOPMENT - OPTIMUM® Puppy contains enhanced levels of DHA for optimal brain development. Scientific studies have found that optimised levels of DHA can assist your puppy in reaching it's full potential.
* IMMUNITY - OPTIMUM® Puppy contains a unique blend of antioxidants including vitamin E & C. This blend has been shown to help strengthen the immune system, and keep your puppy healthy by helping to reduce the oxidative stress on your puppy's cells.
* HEALTHY DIGESTION - The inclusion of a natural prebiotic, inulin selectively promotes healthy bacteria in the gut resulting in fewer and firmer stools. Additionally, beet pulp helps to control intestinal transit and to maximise nutrient absorption.
* DENTAL DEFENCE SYSTEM - Specifically designed dental system that has been proven to help reduce plaque buildup and to help protect teeth and gums. The active ingredient sodium tripolyphosphate, promotes good oral hygiene for your puppy.
* The OPTIMUM® range delivers a healthier, shinier coat because it contains a blend of zinc and linoleic acid (a naturally occurring oil). Scientific studies have proven that a blend of zinc and Omega 6 has a positive effect on skin and coat health.

Protein, Crude = 7.5%
Fat, Crude = 6.0%
Calcium = 0.3%

Meat (lamb, chicken, beef and pork); rice; egg; gelling agents; minerals (including calcium); vegetable fibre; vegetable oil; antioxidants (including marigold meal); vitamins (including E, B group and D); natural flavour.

Expected Weight when adult dog = 1 mth (Cans) = 3 mths (cans) = 6 mths (cans) = 12 mths (cans) = Start Adult Recipes
5kg = 1/5 = 1/2 = 1/2 = Adult = 12 months
10kg = 1/3 = 3/4 = 1 = Adult = 12 months
20kg = 1/2 = 1&1/4 = 1&1/2 = Adult = 12 months
30kg = 2/3 = 1&2/3 = 2 = 2 = 18 months

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