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OS Galstar Extreme 165cm

OS Galstar Extreme 165cm

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OS Galstar Extreme 165cm

The original Y shaped fence post, made in Australia using Australian steel, it's designed for use in most fence line designs where medium stock pressure is expected. Galstar Extreme® is commonly teamed up with the intermediate MaxY post for higher pressure applications.

  • The hot-dipped galvanized coating makes these posts suitable for use in medium-to-high corrosive environments.

  • Waratah uses a multiple stand "in-line" rolling process to manufacture Galstar Extreme® which delivers a consistent shape and steel cross section for strength and performance. 

  • Consistent hole spacings allow easy wire attachment and correct fence design.

  • Less bulky than timber, concrete and pipe, this post is easier to transport, requires no machinery to install and can be carried along the fence line by one person, saving time and money.

Available in 165cm

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