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Rosehips 1kg

Rosehips 1kg

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Rosehips Granules are one of the very best sources of natural Iron and Vitamin C. They also contain biotin for optimum hoof health. Rosehips play a major role in kidney rehabilitation and adrenal function and can be used to prevent Azoturia or "tying up". Routine usage will completely rehabilitate kidneys weakened by stress and/or the regular use of electrolytes or diuretics.

With free access to a natural rock salt block, kelp or seaweed meal and the Rosehips tea there is no need to supplement with electrolytes which only deplete the horses system. The Rosehips can be made into a tea by mixing 2 dessertspoons of granules into 1 liter of boiling water and this let steep until cool.

Free of additives, fillers, chemicals and preservatives.
100% natural Human Grade herb.

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