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Solo Sprayer

Solo Sprayer

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Quality house & garden sprayers designed for the Australian harsh environment.

Application: Use for plant protection on balconies and patios, in the backyard and garden setting, and for decorative plants and shrubs. Weed control can be achieved using suitable plant protection agents; including Roundup.


408 5 Litre Hand-Held Sprayer model is equipped with the SOLO Comfort carrying and pump handles; a broad range of SOLO sprayer accessories are available for 408 5 Litre Hand-Held Sprayer. The wide funnel-shaped neck aperture facilitates clean and easy filling and draining. The adjustable nozzle enables spray patterns ideal for each job.


  1. Adjustable nozzle

  2. 40cm plastic wand (can be secured at the pump handle for transport and storage)

  3. Ergonomic, large and robust handle that can also be gripped with gloves

  4. Large, ergonomic handle

  5. Safety valve

  6. Light, transparent plastic tank with 5.0L

  7. Sound footing thanks to three support legs

  8. 1.2m hose

  9. Metal pump lever

  10. Hand-held easy carry sprayer.

  11. Twist-on handle with lock-in to secure pumping chamber.

  12. Good grip handle.

  13. Pressure relief valve for safety.

  14. 50cm standard spray wand.

  15. Comfortable trigger hand piece.

  16. Plastic adjustable spray nozzle.

  17. Piston pump

  18. 5L capacity

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