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Stance Equitec GTP 1.5kg

Stance Equitec GTP 1.5kg

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Equitec GTP helps maintain the normal function of the endocrine and reproductive systems, assisting natural production of essential hormones involved in metabolism, growth and energy output.

Equitec GTP contains 11 individual strains of friendly bacteria known to assist absorption of essential elements in the hind gut. These elements include amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients related to energy production.

High antioxidant content may help to control free-radical population, a major cause of fatigue and health disorders.

Essential elements to assist promotion of red blood cells, pack cell volume and haemoglobin have been included.

A blend of amino acids involved in energy and hormone production is also contained in the product.

Contains nutraceutical elements essential for the health of ligaments, tendon and cartilage.

Applications Include:

* Horses that have lost interest in racing e.g. older geldings.

* Horses with poor appetite.

* May assist horses that cannot maintain condition.

* Endurance horses.

* May assist horses involved in physical activity that requires higher energy output.

* May help to improve recovery.

* Minimises muscle damage associated with muscular work or stress.

* May help promote full race potential for horses that may have lost form.

* Does not elevate testosterone.

* Does not contain any prohibited substance.

* GTP may be used short term, 5 days prior to physical stress or on a daily basis over six weeks for horses lacking condition.
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