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Stance Equitec Pro-Mune 1.5kg

Stance Equitec Pro-Mune 1.5kg

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Equitec ProMune is a supplement formulated to offer an extensive range of nutrition to support your horse's immune system. Horses may suffer from coughs and colds in colder months leading to chest congestion and breathing difficulties due to mucous buildup. These breathing difficulties may result in decreased activity and performance. Horses may also experience depleted immune function after stressful events, periods of intense activities, change of season, injury or surgery.

ProMune is a herbal blend that includes:

* Fenugreek, Andrographis and Dandelion root which is believed to improve appetite and may protect internal organs.

* Natural elements such as Capsicum and Reishi Mushroom which may reduce inflammation and provide antioxidant benefits.

* Echinacea and Sea Minerals may assist the blood circulation and help support the immune and nervous system.

* MSM and Withania, asupplement which may also support the immune system's recovery.

* A combination of Diamond V Yeast powder and Mannan Oligosaccharides from Eco Cell may assist digestive health by feeding the gastrointestinal tract and building good gut bacteria.

* Bioplex iron, Sel-plex, Eco Cell, Fulvic Acid and Spirulina that may boost the vitamin and mineral composition of this blend.

Directions for Use:

30g with food in a.m.

30g with food in p.m

Recommended course of 21 days.

SIZES:  1.5kg;  3kg
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