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Tuffrock C+ (Conditioner Plus)

Tuffrock C+ (Conditioner Plus)

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A powerful all-in-one 100% natural product made from energised volcanic minerals into a colloidal liquid that supports collagen generation, overall wellbeing, gastro-intestinal health and feed conversion for horses.

The Collagen Effect - the alumino-silicate key ingredients support the generation of Collagen types I and II, the building blocks of the key amino acids to make-up skin (coat, mane, tail & hoof); connecting tissues (muscle, ligament, tendon & mucosal linings); assists calcium uptake and conversion into skeletal/ joint structure (bone & cartilage)

Feed Conversion & Mucosal Linings - improved by maintaining healthy mucosal linings on the intestine (nutrient pathway) and in the stomach (ulcer protection) plus being slightly alkaline pH range 7.6-7.9 also helps maintain normal healthy pH (acid) levels also provides a calming action when horses are under performance stress.

Gut Acid Normalisation - by helping to maintain normal gut acid levels you can reduce the risk of tying up, ulcers, or colic (hind gut fermentation) plus this helps in 2 key areas. First, to provide the best environment for gut flora to function properly. Second, to support the generation of synovial joint fluid.

Conditioner Plus has a dual action: It is both a gentle passive protectant of the vulnerable gut lining, and an active adsorbent and detoxifier. The tuff in Conditioner Plus has a powerful natural electrical energy, and our Tuffrock processing technology boosts this energy. The molecular structure not only binds toxins, but the electrical charge we insert means it actively attracts these gut stressors. They are trapped and gently passed out of the bowel in the normal way without unbalancing the natural gut flora. In this way Conditioner Plus acts as a safeguard, assisting with normal gut function and detoxification.

Conditioner Plus will optimise digestive health and enhance feed conversion. The bio-available collagen assists calcium uptake for healthy skeletal structure and assists repair in joints, bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons.

The beneficial effect on internal health means that Conditioner Plus will also result in ultimate show condition for the coat.

Horses and ponies under competition stress, changes in pasture, on concentrated feed, stabled, light in-weight, no topline, will all benefit having Tuffrock Conditioner Plus daily.


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