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Tuffrock K9 JF (Joint Formula)

Tuffrock K9 JF (Joint Formula)

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TuffRock K9 Joint Formulae is suitable for dogs of all ages and provides support for normal healthy joints.

K9JF comes packaged in powder form (ready to mix with your dog's food) in a handy 500 gram bucket.


1 teaspoon < 10 kg dog weight
1.5 teaspoons < 30 kg dog weight
2 teaspoons < 50 kg dog weight

TuffRock K9 Joint Formulae is best applied once per day on the main meal. Senior dogs may require their ration twice a day depending on individual cases.

K9JF is highly palatable, designed to complement all K9 diets and contains no products of animal origin, no seafood, no drugs, no heavy chemicals etc.

K9JF is GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe), non-toxic & non-hazardous to dogs or people.

K9JF is for animal use only and no substitute for a balanced diet. Ensure plenty of drinking water is available.
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