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Vetsense Permetrol

Vetsense Permetrol

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Vetsense Permetrol

All Vetsense products are quality assured and Australian made, so you can be sure you are not compromising on safety or efficacy.

Vetsense Permetrol is an insect and fly spray or rinse treatment for horses and dogs designed to fight of common pests and parasites. Permetrol controls the buffalo fly and the stable fly in horses, as well as other biting insects and Queensland Itch. In dogs, Vetsense Permetrol controls fleas and ticks, and treats allergic dermatitis. While not intended for young animals or cats, Vetsense Permetrol may be used as a treatment for the environment your dog or horse rests in.

Key Benefits

  • Controls fleas and ticks in dogs
  • Treats allergic dermatitis in dogs
  • Controls stable flies, buffalo flies, and biting insects for horses
  • Treats Queensland Itch in horses

Suitable for: Dogs and horses.

Directions: This product should not be used on cats and animals under 12 weeks of age. For dogs, dilute 10mL per 400mL of water or methylated spirits. For horses, dilute 10mL per 400mL of water and spray as required for fly nuisances. When controlling environmental infections, always clean your pets bedding, and regularly spray the entire area with the diluted product. Treat all other pets in the house with a suitable product. This product is not suitable for cats or young animals. Vacuum and clean the carpets and surroundings regularly. Continue treatment all year round.

Im-paw-tant: This product is for dog and horse use only, keep out of reach of children. This product is not intended for cats or animals under 12 weeks of age. If diluting the treatment with methylated spirits, this product should not be used on broken or damaged skin. Where applicable, follow all bottle guidelines to ensure you administer the right amount for your pet

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