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Virbac Flyaway 500ml

Virbac Flyaway 500ml

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Product Details

• Fast knockdown and repellent for bush flies, house flies, stable flies, midges, and sandflies.

• Sustained effect which makes it more economical to use with less applications.

• Strong enough to apply to surfaces, while being gentle enough to apply directly to your horse.

• Comes in a handy spray bottle for immediate use.

• Flyaway is great to use on your horse, or your surrounding areas in the float, barn, stables, rugs and other equipment. Great way to keep both you and your horse comfortable and away from those annoying flying and biting insects. A must have item to have on hand.

Brand: Virbac

Animal: Horse

Volume: 500mL

Pack Contents: 1x Virbac Flyaway 500mL

Medication Purpose: Insecticidal Spray

• Insecticidal Spray

• Repellant bush flies, house flies, stable flies, midges, and sandflies

• Effective Spray

• Concentrated formula

• Easy to Apply


Flyaway is formulated to provide sustained insecticidal activity with long term repellency to control insects on horses, particularly in areas such as stables and floats. Can be used directly on the animal and sprayed around stable areas, inside floats or trucks and on rugs and equipment.

Care Instructions

Keep out of reach of children

Read safety directions before opening or using

For animal treatment only

Storage Instructions

Store below 30°C (room temperature).

Directions of Use

This product contains diethyltoluamide, which may be dangerous when used in large amounts or for a long period. Lightly spray the animal for a few seconds from head to rear using a sweeping motion. Apply twice daily when infestations are severe. Spray animal shed inner walls thoroughly and any other place where flies and insects settle. Re-spray as necessary.

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