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Worlds Best Hoof Oil Travel Pack 250ml

Worlds Best Hoof Oil Travel Pack 250ml

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WORLDS BEST HOOF OIL Travel Pack This is an ideal size for keeping in the float or truck or to try the product out. However be warned...once you try you will want to buy more and more!

All ingredients are 100% pure and they include, Neatsfoot ( Geniune), Wood/Stockholm Tar ( NOT Petrochemical or "Compound" ) , Saligari Oil, Eucalyptus Oil and it is the combinations of several special species that formulate the Worlds Best Hoof Oil. We DO NOT use fillers and we do not dilute any of the oils/ingredients.


Always shake the bottle (to mix all the oils together).  Apply lightly to the hoof with the brush paying particular attention to the area on and just above the coronet band and do the entire hoof face, top to bottom.
Do not apply heavy amounts, as this will not make the hoof healthier, or repair the hoof any quicker, mother nature cannot work faster than the horses own optimum ability.  It will simply waste your time and money.  The product contains pure oils and ingredients and therefore, what goes on, really goes to work immediately.
You will see it goes into the hoof really quickly (just like a quality vitaminE cream on you own skin).  If the hoof is wet you will find that it doesn't sit on the hoof in "globs" to collect dirt and dust and it will not be wiped/brushed off. The patented Saligari oil will help prevent the hoof drying out in summer and the cold and damp getting in during winter moveover because it doesnt seal the hoof like other dressings your hoof will be able to breathe but be protected from within.

For Normal Upkeep (for good horse husbandry):
Use every second day after work, this can be adjusted according to the weather and if there is a drought, however under normal circumstances for a hoof in good condition 4 applications a week is more than enough even if the horse is being worked and washed daily. For non working horses this can be as little as 2 or 3 times a week.
Apply lightly to the entire hoof paying particular attention to the area on and just above the coronet band and the rest of the face of the hoof, apply to the frog and sole only 1 or 2 times a week. Again because it really works and goes in, too much can make the frog go soft. Oiling the sole/frog will aid in the reduction of concussion, in most cases and aid the "whiteline area",

Minor repair of broken or hard hooves or shelley hooves:
First week use 5 times a week, and then revert to normal upkeep.  Apply lightly to the entire hoof paying particular attention to the area on and just above the coronet band and for the first week picking and applying to the sole and the frog of the hoof.

For very serious Grass/Sand Splits and Dried out/badly broken Hooves:
For the first 2 weeks apply top and bottom of the hoof once a day, reduce this to the top only paying attention to the coronet band for another 2 weeks, depending on the condition and severity in the first place, thereafter, you can go back to normal upkeep of 2-4 times a week for normal maintenance.
Oil the frog/sole 1-2 times a week only once on maintenance.

You can allow as little as 6 weeks for a serious and dangerous perennial split going ¾ the way up to the coronet band to be totally under control GUARANTEED and around 8-10 weeks to grow out depending on the overall health of the horse.
The product cannot repair a god given or genetic fault in any animal, however, it will aid quickly the repair and health of any hoof that has been a normal hoof and that has suffered for one reason or another through neglect, drought, flooding, or simply hard work.
Remember, it is just as important to oil and keep the hoof in good condition in the middle of winter as it is in the dry of summer, as the hoof soaks up water something like a sponge and this is not good for any horse.

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