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Zoetis Glanvac 6 B12

Zoetis Glanvac 6 B12

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Glanvac® 6 B12 provides sheep with protection against Cheesy Gland and the main clostridial diseases with the added benefit of correcting cobalt deficiencies. The prevention of Cheesy Gland in sheep flocks improves fibre production and increases the quality of sheep meat. The clostridial diseases prevented include Tetanus, Pulpy Kidney, Blackleg, Black Disease and Malignant Oedema. Cobalt is an essential trace element which is important for the production of vitamin B12 in the rumen. Cobalt deficiency can severely affect energy production which results is reduced fibre and meat production. This product may be used in the Glanvac+Eryvac Dual Vaccinator and reused for 30 days after opening after following label instruction.

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